"I could kill you, you know."
"He's-- He's joking! He's joking."
"I'm not joking."
- The Creature to Brokenshire, and Jekyll interjecting (ch. 5 pg. 12)
The creature is the creation of Frankenstein, and their primary concern is the safety and well-being of their creator.

Physical Appearance

The creature has slightly-longer-than chin-length black hair, and usually wears only a frayed pair of pants that appear to have been ripped at the knees. Their skin is varying shades of green, and their body is sewn together, giving them a somewhat rag-doll appearance. Their limbs can be removed from their body, as is seen in chapter 5, when their left arm is completely torn off from the seam attaching it.


The creature may be large and imposing physically, but they are very reserved and verbose. However, should their creator be put in harm's way, they will resort to violence to keep her safe.


  • In chapter 3 on page 6, Jekyll states that (according to the original memoir) the creature could recite Milton.
  • While the creature is not specified to have a gender, they are often referred to as male.
  • In a conversation with Jekyll, the creature mentions that they do not have a name, and they don't mind one way or another how people refer to them - the main thing they care about is Frankenstein, and being there for her.