"...But 'til then, every time the moon comes out, I turn into this half-transformed..."


-Jasper talking to Rachel (ch. 4 pg. 1)

Jasper Kaylock is a young cryptobiologist, and is the most recent lodger to have been introduced to the Society by Dr. Jekyll. He was bitten by a werewolf while out in the woods, and tried to treat himself by concocting a wolfsbane potion. However, he did so incorrectly, and he now transforms into a half-werewolf every night.

Physical Appearance

When he is not a werewolf, Jasper has shaggy chestnut hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a loose-fitting, off-tan button-up shirt, brown pants with suspenders, and a light-brown paperboy-style cap.

When he has transformed, he appears as a bipedal werewolf, with bushy brown fur, and yellowish glowing eyes. His clothes generally still fit following his transformation.


Jasper is rather shy and anxious, but is also friendly and excitable. He thinks somewhat lowly of his scientific skill, and is very self-conscious about his abilities in comparison to everyone else at the Society. Because he has been ostracized in the past by family, friends, and most of society for his out-of-the-norm interests, he often reflects on himself and his passion.


  • On the first page of chapter 2, it is stated that Jasper attended an academy, but left when his professors told him he was "mad" for wanting to study magical creatures.
  • He grew up on a farm outside of London.
  • He has a mud phoenix named "Christopher."


"I'm not a real scientist! I'm not even a real human anymore! I'm... just a monster." (Ch. 2 pg. 27)

"It's... Fancy! Everything here is too fancy!...It's like a sacred shrine of science magic! I am not worthy!" (Ch. 2 pg. 9)

"So, it's like a club for mad scientists?" (Ch. 2 pg. 6)
"I can't even imagine. I mean, my family was poor too, but we were farmers. At least we always had food on the table. And here I was dreaming of living it up in London! I had no idea how good I had it." (Ch. 4 pg. 2)


Jasper werewolf infobox img

Jasper's werewolf form.

Jasper and mud phoenix

Jasper and his mud phoenix, Christopher.

Jasper sad

A pensive Jasper.